Where To Ride

Trying to figure out where to ride in Auckland? Look no further for descriptions, directions and trail recommendations. We’ve created a handy guide for people who love trails. Check it out for trail info in your area or scope out some new trails to conquer.

North Shore:

Sanders Reserve

MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnail

30 mins from town,  ~20km

Opened in late 2011, this park has around 20km of trail for all abilities, amazing views over the upper Waitemata. Hot showers are available afterwards. The Kids track is a must for the little ones. More…

Royal Albany

Photo credit: Cycling in Auckland

Royal Albany


25 mins from town, Beg – Int, 20+km

Gem in Albany, 14+km of tight twisty singletrack behind Massey University. More info…


Beveridge Track CXBeveridge Track – Waitakere’s

MTB Easy

30 mins from town, Beg 12km return

This is the only opportunity to ride your mountain bike in the Waitakere’s. Starts just outside Titirangi on Exhibition Drive. Shared use trails, gentle grade. Stunning views accross the dams to the west coast, and the harbor to the east. More info…




MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnailmtb-advanced-thumbnailmtb-expert-thumbnail

45 mins from town, Beg – Adv, 100+km

Auckland’s most popular place to ride, great trail conditions year round. Over 130km purpose built singletrack, great mix of trails and man-made structures, hire bikes also available. More info…


MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnailmtb-advanced-thumbnailmtb-expert-thumbnail

Riverhead is renowned for its Old School MTB trails, great for when the weather is drier. Good mix of MTB, and motorcross trails plus fire roads.: 40 mins from town, Int – Adv, 40+km

West Coast Riders Club have recently secured access to their own part of the forest and are putting in new tracks faster than seems possible! There’s an XC loop, some more freeride-style tracks plus one of the best pump tracks in the region. North facing and freshly-logged these tracks dry out way faster than the ‘old’ tracks. More info…


100528mjt_-_arch_hill_008Arch Hill: 

MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnail

5 mins from town, 2km

Located in Arch Hill, the MTB Club has worked closely with the Auckland City Council to develop these MTB trails. Try “Training Wheels and “Twist and Shout” to test your skills. More info…

Runway MTB 3Runway MTB Park

MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnail

Only 25 mins from downtown,  5kms of trail featuring short loops with berms, table tops, rollers, rock gardens to test all abilities, and a great pump track


Ambury Park

Ambury Panorama

MTB EasyNestled on the shore of the Manukau Harbour, Ambury Regional Park is a working farm, an important education centre and a birdwatchers paradise with a volcanic history – all just 15km from central Auckland. More info…

Hauraki Gulf:


MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnail

10 mins from the ferry, Beg – Int, 8+km

Overseen by the Waiheke MTB Club. More info…


Photo credit Edd B

Photo credit Edd B



40 mins from town, 50+km

Excellent trails, overseen by Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club, a permit is required to access the trails. More info…


Totara Park:

MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnail

20 mins from town. Beg – Int, 10+km

Great beginner to intermediate trails right next to Manukau centre. More info…

MTB Easy

Easy shared use trails along the Puhinui Peninsula. More info…

Elvis looking out over the Mangatawhiri Valley.
Track: Experts Downhill


MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnailmtb-advanced-thumbnailmtb-expert-thumbnail

50 mins from town, 25+km

Single Track through regenerating native bush. Get away from it all!
If you haven’t ridden in the ARC Hunua Ranges Park, it’s time you checked it out. More info…

Fourfourty Mountain Bike Park.


New gravity park opening early 2014, 440m elevation shuttle assisted riding. Grade 4 – 5

Puni Park

MTB Easymtb-intermediate-thumbnailmtb-advanced-thumbnailmtb-expert-thumbnail
50 mins from town, 7km

Trails located near Pukekohe, managed by the Franklin MTB Club. More info…

1 hour from town, 20+km
Challenging trails great views over the firth of Thames. More info…

Duder Park

MTB Easy

Located on the pohutukawa-fringed Whakakaiwhara Peninsula, which juts out into the Tamaki Strait, Duder Regional Park is a 162-hectare coastal farm park. Easy 4km loop. More info…


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