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Riverhead forest is home to some great riding during the dryer months, if you know where to look. WCRC has good signage but otherwise the best way to get to know the trails is to tag along on a social ride, or attend an event.

There are two main riding areas

  • Old School at Barlow Road – Old school adventure rides, there are tracks everywhere in this area, although beware there aren’t many trail markings. The forest is shared with motorbikes so expect a couple of ruts to deal with, awesome for developing your technical skills!! Heaps of gravel roads too if you’re into that.
  • New School the WCRC Compound – purpose built MTB trails and one of Auckland’s best pump tracks. The tracks are build for flow and for getting air – there are plenty of gap jumps, so look before you leap! Int – Advanced.

Old School

How to get there:

40km / 40 mins from town. Head west along SH16, take a right onto Old North Road, head right on to Ararimu Valley Road. After 4.6km you will see Barlow Road to the right, park at the intersection and ride from there.


As mentioned above there are trails everywhere in this area. Best avoided in the depths of winter, some of the mud bogs will swallow up your bike!!

Note that there was extensive logging in winter 2018 between the carpark and Pattersons (on the North side of Barlow Rd), and to the North of Campbell Rd.

Check out Trail Forks’ Riverhead maps.

Check out the action from our enduro in 2015, this was in April after a couple of weeks heavy rain:

WCRC Compound

How to Get There

30km / 30 mins from the CBD. Take SH16 out West, take a right onto Old North Road. Carry on Old North Road, about 6km on the road you should see a sign/entrance way on the left.


Simple network layout, ride to the top of the ridge, try your options on the way down. The trails are for MTB’s only, some machine built, great drainage and good ride almost year round, not like the old school Riverhead most know…

Check out West Coast Riders Club on Facebook for details of rides and digs.

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