Manukau Coastal Walkway


Easy trails, great tour around the waterfront. 14km return. Makes for a great relaxing ride in the arvo, options to get there by various cycleway links.

Excellent Cycleway report

How to get there

By Bike:

  • Riding from town, head south along Manukau Road, all the way to Hendry Ave. Follow the cycleway along the coast and over the bridge to Mangere, keep on following the coast and you’ll come to Ambury Park,
  • Riding from out east, find your way to the Pikes Point Cycleway, follow this into Onehunga, across the bridge over the Mangere, then along the coast to Ambury Park

By Car: 25 mins, head out towards the airport, exit at Mangere, then make your way to Ambury Road.,+New+Zealand&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&geocode=FbS8zf0dRK1qCin75pxa-0cNbTEXmaJDYe8ABQ%3BFeRBzP0dCqdqCg&sll=-36.948211,174.759736&sspn=0.014662,0.033023&t=m&mra=mift&mrsp=1&sz=16&ie=UTF8&ll=-36.948211,174.759736&spn=0.014662,0.033023&output=embed
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Start out from Ambury Park, head out towards the coast, then east. Follow your nose along the trail. When you come to the causeway there are two options:

  1. Head out along the causeway, you can get half way around the island at the end
  2. Take a left onto the road, for a few 100 metres, look out for the trail that continues on the right. Follow the trail all the way to the beach, great spot for a picnic, or go for a wander over to the impressive stonefields.

Then return the same way.



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