Regional park on the coast, amazing views from the ridge over the Firth of Thames to Coromandel. It takes some effort to get up there but it is worth it! Great adventure ride to tick off.

How to Get There.

80kms / 1 hour + from town. Excellent scienic drive. Head south on SH1, exit at Redoubt Road, head towards Clevedon. Carry on thru Clevedon following the signs to Kaiaua / Miranda, via Kawakawa Bay. Lookout for the signs to Waharau Park on the right.


Couple of options here:

  • Upper Link Track
  • Waharau Ridge Track Loop – Mostly 4wd track, a few challenging sections on the climb up, but the views are worth it! Gentle ride along the ridge, fast flowing 4wd track down to the carpark
  • Whakatiwai Ridge Track Loop – Follow the start of the Whaharau Ridge Loop, instead of heading down off the ride carry straight onto the Whakatawhi track. Amazing undulating singletrack section, follow the gravel road back down to East Coast Road, follow the road back to the start.

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