Welcome to Auckland Mountain Bike Club!

If you are new to mountain biking or new to Auckland, your best bet would be to sign up as a member and be in the loop as to what is going on and when.

If you are into racing, check out our Events and Races page. We run XC, Enduros, Cyclocross and will be looking at introducing gravel events in 2022. Single-Speed and E-bikes are always welcome!

We run a really big XC race series for the Auckland Schools and have over 300 registrations for each of these 5 events. A massive highlight is the Schools Relay Champs which provides enormous enjoyment for so many.

We work with other clubs such as PCBC and Auckland Downhill Club to bring specialist Enduro and Downhill events.

Another area of the club that receives limited press is our commitment to building trails and fighting for access and new trail development. We run regular working bees and a number of committee members work hard on submissions to local councils to provide off-road facilities.