CrankSistas Women’s Rides

Calling all wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mums and just generally wicked chicks …. have you ever wanted to head out on a trail or an Auckland MTB club ride but just don’t have the confidence to head out with the boys…. or you just simply want to meet fellow women mountain bikers to go riding with? CrankSistas is for you!

Once a month, we meet at various locations within the Auckland area to ride bikes, have laughs and just enjoy being out doing what we love to do.   We (generally) have two rides on the same day (depending on location) which cater for different skill levels.   In the morning, the group is catered more towards the intermediate/advanced riders and in the afternoon the ride is more for the beginner riders.   We list the rides as events on our facebook page and regularly update that with what we have planned for the rides ahead.

To help you decide which group you fit into, here is a breakdown for the groups:

Morning ride (15-20kms approx. 2hrs) – you can comfortably ride for 2 hrs, can ride grades 3 and above.   We can split this group into two to cater for those who wish to either go faster or slower.

Afternoon ride (5-7kms approx. 1-1.5hrs) – you are relatively new to riding, you tend to avoid structures, and/or be unfamiliar with Woodhill trails.  Or you might usually ride in the long/medium group, but be riding with a friend who is newer.  The goal of this ride is to ensure that you enjoy your ride!  We’ll make sure you stop before you get too tired, but still get to enjoy sweet single track goodness.

We are a no drop riding group, and we can always work out a way to get you back to the carpark if you feel you have done your dash for the day.

We do not have a mailing list as everything is posted on our Facebook page but please let me know if you have any issues, questions or have any feedback. Email Julia on

Check us out on Facebook: CrankSistas Facebook page!


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