2010 Race Series – Important updates

Great news; R&R Sport have again come to the party as headline sponsors for the 2010 race series. It is a testament to the strong relationship that we have nurtured with R&R over the years that they had no reservations in committing to providing spot prizes and workshop staff to the four events. That’s one hurdle conquered, now onto another…

The race series does not just happen and it takes a bit of time to put together and the combined efforts of a few to pull it off on the day. I have an organisational plan that covers all four races and I need to start getting a few names against the different tasks. If you can provide a bit of help, either on race day itself or in the run up to race day then please come along to a race meeting this Thursday 6th May, at Recreational Services Ltd, 12 Silverfield (off Porana Rd), Takapuna, North Shore (by the North Shore events centre). Meeting start at 7.30pm prompt and I’ll endeavour to keep it short. Thanks.

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