Have your say on the future of MTBing in Auckland

Well, it is all to easy to visit one of the many MTB forums and moan about not having trails here or wanting more trails there but it kind of misses the target – most people also on those sites would agree with you. I reckon we need to do something that will actually make a difference by feeding into a bigger picture. So, try this…

The Auckland Regional Physical Activity Strategy (ARPASS) has commissioned Visitor Solutions to research the demand for Informal Recreation on Auckland Regional Open Space. As part of this study we are conducting an online web survey with the members of clubs involved in outdoor recreation.

The primary purpose of the survey is to gather recreationists’ thoughts so that we can better understand the demand for informal recreation on regional open space. This survey is aimed at people participating in Mountain Bike activities within the Auckland region. The aim of the study is to gain an in depth understanding of the demand for and the core issues surrounding informal recreation to help inform future planning.

This information will be used to plan for outdoor recreation in the future and is particularly important given the upcoming amalgamation of the Auckland Councils.

Get onto the online survey and fight for what you want in the Auckland Region.

Check out the survey here.

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