The 2009 NZSS MTB Champs were held in Levin April 18, 19. These are the Jafakids’ results.

NZSS MTB Champs Photos by Gina Burgess

The 2009 NZSS MTB Champs were held in Levin on April 18, 19.
Download full results: Cross-country, Hillclimb, Downhill, Overall. U14 BOYS
Bena Simanu 5th XC, 5th HC, 37th DH. 6th OVERALL.
Sam Horn 17th XC, 14th HC, 55th DH. 16th OVERALL.
Kurt Summerfield 26th XC, 3rd DH.
Tom Fox 4th XC, 4th HC, 7th DH. 3rd OVERALL.
Elliot Pearce 5th XC, 7th HC, 20th DH. 5th OVERALL.
Ian Burgess 8th XC, 12th HC, 31st DH. 8th OVERALL.
Jeremy Hamer 22nd XC, 14th HC, 52nd DH. 17th OVERALL.
Rogan Young 30th XC, 31st HC, 12th DH. 18th OVERALL.
Daniel Turner 44th XC, 40th HC, 86th DH.
Corey Penney 3rd DH.
Locky McArthur 4th XC, 3rd HC, 16th DH. 2nd OVERALL.
Reuben Horn 10th XC, 11th HC, 41st DH. 13th OVERALL.
Nicholas Hanover 16th XC, 17th HC, 43rd DH. 17th OVERALL.
Ben Tyas 17th XC, 22nd HC, 6th DH. 10th OVERALL.
Jake Dikstaal 18th XC, 20th HC, 27th DH. 15th OVERALL.
Campbell Robertson 4th DH. Sam Baker 11th DH.
Sammy Lane 1st XC.
Sophiemarie Bethell 2nd XC, 2nd HC, 2nd DH. 1st OVERALL.
Hannah Lane 3rd XC, 1st HC, 7th DH. 2nd OVERALL.
Sophie Tyas 6th XC, 5th HC, 1st DH. 3rd OVERALL.
Natalie Retief 7th XC, 6th HC, 9th DH. 6th OVERALL.
Sasha Smith 2nd XC, 4th HC, 2nd DH. 3rd OVERALL.

Hannah, Sophie-Marie, Sophie

U16 Girls Overall: Sophiemarie 1st, Hannah 2nd, Sophie 3rd.

U19 Girls Downhill: Sasha 2nd.

Int Girls, Downhill: Sophie-Marie, Sophie

U16 Girls Downhill: Sophie 1st, Sophiemarie 2nd.

Snr Boys, Hill Climb. Locky.

U19 Boys Hillclimb: Locky 3rd.

U16 Girls HC: Hannah 1st, Sophiemarie 2nd.

U16 Girls XC: Sammy 1st, Sophiemarie 2nd, Hannah 3rd.

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