Club Ride to Tokoroa – Sunday 28th June

Well done to the brave souls that made it down to Tokoroa in the cold and the rain. It was not a promising start, with a flat battery and then a blow out on the motorway but Kris sorted it out and the Bigfoot bus was back on course in no time. The rain did not stop the whole way down and the jovial start made way to silence as we watched the wipers continue to go back and forth. By the time we arrived, the rain had eased but for us Aucklanders, the air temperature was a bit lower than ideal! Still, we rode form town to Cougar Park and were shown around the excellent trails that were riding superbly in the wet. After 20 kms, a couple of hours and plenty of rain later, we headed back into town and some warm food.

A great trip and thanks to Mark and Kelly for organising it and to Kris and Bigfoot Adventures for the lift.

Can’t wait till the next one…….

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