Arch Hill Spin

The Arch Hill Spin is a fun 3 hour Mountain Bike Relay. So get the date in your diary and start getting your teams together now!

When? Saturday 14 December. 10am Start. Registration from 9am.

Where? Arch Hill MTB Trails, Grey Lynn, Auckland

How It Works: The Goal is to for your team to get as many laps done in 3 hours. You go out for a lap, then you tag your team mate who goes out and does a lap etc.

But, there’s a twist! (actually literally)

At the start of each lap you must spin the big Spinning wheel, which will determine your fate for that lap…

We have been thinking hard on how to improve it for this time round. You don’t need to come dressed up this time.

COST: $15 per person

So now you are wondering “how do i enter?” Just email your teams through to and pay on the day.

Check out the video of the last Arch Hill Spin!

 See ya there!!

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