2009 R&R Sport – Auckland MTB Club Race 1 Final Results


Pretty much as the title suggests, I have tweaked the results to remove the two Geoff Buysmans, added in the lost Aiden Potter and removed the 4min wonder-lap of Joseph Wright to sort the U17 mens times.


Round 2 coming up on 22nd November at the private playground that is Slater Rd (and maybe Marquita will be there to show off her gold GT!!). We’re struggling to fit in a pre-ride due to other events lined up but there will be a wet weather course or a dry weather course and the final one will be chosen the day before. It might save the abandoned cars littering the farm trails like last time!

Enter online up to the Friday night at Midnight before the race [I got my am’s and pm’s right this time :-)] or you can enter on the day but the on the day entries are a little more expensive.

See you there!

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