Runway MTB Park

UPDATE Feb 2020: The Runway trails are no more. Maybe try the nearby Ambury Farm/Manukau Coastal Walkway or Totara Park instead?

Runway MTB 3You may have heard the rumours about a mountain bike park at Auckland Airport.  Well it’s true and the Runway MTB Park about to open!  Our very own Gabb has been involved in designing this short mix of loops and feels that most of us will enjoy it.  “The brief was to make it family friendly,” says the ex club President, “but that doesn’t mean we can’t have testing corners, table tops, rock gardens, berms and there is even a cool Pump Track built with the help of Puni Reserve Pump Track creator Clinton Williams.”

So come along to the fun of the opening from – the club will be running a sausage sizzle and there will be drinks available.  Click here for directions – the parking is just behind The Warehouse.  The fun begins at 10am and features nothing more than trying out the tracks.


This is a great addition to the offroad riding options in Auckland, especially if live/work nearby (over 12,000 people work at or around Auckland Airport) and is an ideal place to take anyone who is new to the sport.  Well done to Auckland International Airport Ltd for taking this initiative.  If you like it, be sure to give them feedback – we might be able to get even more tracks!

(PS and there’s a really cool pub next door:

How to get there


coming soon….

7 Responses to Runway MTB Park

  1. sirnicolai says:

    This park may be a bit small but I still appreciate the fact that its there. Good for a family event with kids, not so good for people looking for fast flowing trails.
    But the pump track is not “cool”, its a bit crap really, WAY too small and made out of rocks. More effort needed on this one.

  2. Took a ride at the Runway MTB Park this morning. Great its there as there arent many tracks you can ride to in the city. But its not really usable at the moment. Weeds up to my knees, even my handle bars and completely grown over the track in some places.

  3. Ryder Senior says:

    Checked this one out first myself before embarking on a full family session.
    While its a short ride, still worth doing and ticking it off the list. I thought that the grass that had fallen on the track in parts made it smoother to ride, as some of the gravel is far to rocky to be used on a track of this nature as I was concerned we might puncture.
    Still no complaints from the team with only two bails from my 7 year old.
    Might be an idea to do this in combo with a ride through Ambury park…
    (Note for AirNZ who funded the track to maintain it with a finer grade in future)

  4. So they have been around it with some weedkiller and the weeds are totally at bay today. I agree with the previous post that the dead grass on the track helped make the track softer in places. Wowsers big super sharp rocks on this track. I was expecting at least one flat tyre but it looks like the kevlar did ok 😉 Why have they spread these rocks? such a shame really because its a fun family ride, but super aggressive rocks. Dont take the kids bike if they have bald tyres. I would be raving about it to other families if the grade was finer. If you do venture out pack lunch and cycle to the art installations track next door. Very cool, right on the lake between rocket ropes and the MTB track, access it by cycling out of the MTB track carpark and turn left.

    p.s our ten year old boys did the MTB track five times they loved it so much.

  5. Simon says:

    Great family ride with my 4 year old.
    No idea what the problem is with the rocks, looked fine to me.
    A but unnecessarily twisty sometimes, ie seemed like it was looking for ground coverage rather than flow, but overall pretty good and great scenery.

  6. Checked this place out over the weekend. I saw reviews saying there wasn’t anything worth going out to see, and sadly enough i couldn’t prove them wrong! the place looks and feels abandoned, trails are overgrown, rocks are too big for the trail. Needs a lot of TLC. At the state this place is in, i don’t think its worth the trip if you don’t live close.

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