Totara Park – July 3 – Registration closed

Thanks to Totara Park MTB Committee for supporting us in running this event.

Parents electing to help at this race have been sent an email by Mark. Please act promptly as it is a difficult task if left to the last minute and he is a busy man.

We will be doing most of the course set up on Sunday morning as it doesn’t help leaving it all set up overnight if it then gets ‘altered’ by unhelpful passers by. So, just practice the course as you find it since we are not planning line changes.

The weather looks good so most likely will be using course option 1.

There will be a separate race briefing for Race 2 so there is no pressure on these riders to be at the venue early. This does help with congestion management. Race 2 arrivals should look to park in Goodwood Drive and use the cut through paths to the park.

On behalf of my colleagues, Helen, Jon, Mark and Sharon, we hope you have a great day out with us on Sunday

Event Manual

Rider List

Rider Seeding