Totara Park – August 7

Results Photos

Event Report

What a tale of two races…much like Hunua.

I am so sorry for you guys in race 2 as you seem to get the bad weather each time. It was very much a cross country race in Race 1 and then a Cyclocross race in race 2 with so much walking and running required.

I think Maddie Ballard ran more than she rode! But check out the photos, she never stopped smiling.

Thanks so much to all the marshals who helped get vehicles in place, riders on the right path and bringing in equipment at the end. It is a big operation for a small number of amateurs, as we are, and of course the event can’t work without the collective effort.

I would like to make special mention for two helpers.

Glenn Collins did a brilliant job, without warning, in helping us run our medical emergency drill. If you didn’t know about it then that is good as it means it wasn’t a drama.

Scott Clark must have ridden more laps than he cares to count in checking on back markers and bringing in gear. A great call to be on the single speed to save carrying 5kg of clay Scott!

As ever, there were some amazing smiling faces despite the conditions and Mike Beale has taken some fabulous images that capture the feel of the day, thanks Mike.

Sacred Heart College ran the BBQ for the first time and I am passing on their thanks of your support in raising funds for their club. St Peter’s will look after you at Waitawa and then Jafakids finish off the season at Riverhead.

It didn’t all go smoothly as we did have trouble knowing exactly how many laps a handful of riders had done (the kids lost count which is understandable) so I am very sorry if this caused you any distress.

We are always blown away by the resilience of the kids. I would like to make mention of a couple, Arnav Shreyakar (Macleans College) and Ruby Harwood (Northcross Intermediate). Both riders were given the opportunity to stop on their penultimate laps as continuing would not have affected their placing. Not a chance….both of them responded without hesitating that they wanted to go again which is a massive credit to them as people. Well done from us all.

To those of you who desperately wanted to finish but couldn’t due to mechanical issues, I am really sorry for you and there are two more races left to achieve your goals.

I am sure there were a few more but Campbell Bain, Cole Feringa and Maddie Ballard all came across the line with broken bikes but smiling (Cole was a bit grumpy at first but soon perked up) and it showed your competitive nature in a mature way.

Thanks so much to Mons Royale who provided some lovely clean socks to our riders and MEC for their vouchers and bottles.

Speaking of bottles….a top tip for next muddy race…ask you parents to be in the tech/feed area with a full bottle so that you can wash off your chainring and gearing on each lap. This will go a long way to keeping the chain on which many of the riders struggled with.

See you at Waitawa.