Race 1 – Riverhead Forest XC Relay – Sunday 7th March 2021


Sunday 7 March 2021


Riverhead Forest (Barlow Road)


Approx. start time 1.30pm, finish 3 pm, prize giving by 3.30pm

[These times maybe earlier depending on finish of XCO Race 1 finish in the morning]


Under 16 and Under 20

The main focus is to have Male and Female teams, to help prepare for the Skoda North School Champs 2021 relay event, March 20 at Hunua.

To increase participation – where it is difficult to make teams within one school, we will also have a Co-Ed Schools Team trophy*

* NOTE: The Co-ed Team must be made up a mix of male and female riders. i.e. at least ONE female rider or ONE male rider in the team of 3.

So make up a team!


TEAMS of 3 riders [based on type of school]

There will be 4 categories:

  • Male School [team of 3 boys from same school]
  • Female School [team of 3 girls from same school]
  • Co-ed [mixed gender from same school, at least one female/male rider]
  • Intermediate School (Includes years 7&8) of any gender

A Co-Ed team, fielding only boys, will be automatically set to compete in the Male School category. Similarly, a girls only team from a Co-Ed school will be competing In the Female School category.

NOTE: The age group entered will be based on the age of the oldest rider in the team i.e. if you have one U20 rider, then the team must be entered as U20


Each team is to complete as many FULL laps as possible within 90 minutes


Trophies for winning teams


Event Entry fees for 2021 will be $45 per team (of 3)


Individuals can enter now!

Please organize one person from your team, or let your school team manager do the entries.

When the entries are made, please ensure you include the School of EACH rider, the age group and the category, and an appropriate name for your team.


  • The event is run under Cycling New Zealand Schools Rules and the MTBNZ Protective Equipment Guidelines.
  • Teams Relay will consist of teams of three riders who will rotate a rider upon EVERY lap, in order, for 90 minutes; riders must keep sequential order, i.e. Rider #1 then Rider #2 then Rider #3, then Rider #1, etc.
  • No rider may do more than one lap at a time.
  • The new rider must start in the designated interchange zone.


After completion of the XCO race in the morning.

Approximately 12.45pm – 1.15pm

Practice times

  • After completion of XCO Race in morning. You will be informed of when the course will be open.
  • It is likely we will use some of the same trails as XCO race, and they will be of a similar standard.

Racing times

1.30 – 3.00pm

Prize giving

3.30 (approximately)

Race numbers

Each team will share one number plate, so will swap this with their team mate at the changeover, in the change over zone, between EACH lap.

The Race Number will have the timing chip attached and so it is critical that this is not removed until you reach you next rider in the change over zone. The number plate is to be HANDED to the next rider.



The course is separate to the main XCO course.

The course length is approximately 1.2 to 1.5 km.  (TBC)

For other information – see the Cross Country Information and Race Rules.


Email schools@aucklandmtb.co.nz