Totara Park – July 3 – complete

The sun shone and the kids raced – mission accomplished!

Thanks to Jacque, Monterray, Jake and Chris who got up a bit earlier than most to sort out the parking and set up the day for everyone in a relaxed manner.

Thanks to those who read the Event Manual and were well prepared to park in Goodwood Drive and also carry their school tents into place. Note, there will be no option to drive into the park to do this at the next race as one or two did this time. Having vehicles on the course and village ground runs the risk of carving it up before we have even started. Thanks to those who knew this.

Unfortunately, that was as much as I saw but the reports back from my colleagues showed that you all had a great time. This is of course made possible by the parents who marshalled. We really hope that by having parents volunteer at one event, thereby spreading the work, everyone gets to see how easy it is, and how much fun you can have getting in amongst it.

Thanks to Mike for being the Cameraman and you will find lots of pictures on facebook and in the link below.

Luke and Angela from Racetime provide us with a fabulous service and results which you can find below. So you know, you can get live timing during the races on their website so if you can’t attend you can keep up to speed with how your child is doing.

Thanks to Mat (coffee) and Adele (and Auckland Grammar School parents) for providing food and drink and for you all in your support of their services.

Finally, thanks indeed to those who stayed away. I know personally how hard it is to tell your kids they can’t attend. Whatever your personal views are on the Covid-19 approach, we believe in following the guidelines especially when the level of illness is at the level it is right now and we note that people are still dying daily. So, we, at Auckland MTB Club, keep vigilant and look after each other.

Now, August 7th is the next race and it will be the same set up as this race but there will be some minor changes to the Event Manual to reflect our learning from this one. Please read it.

If you haven’t volunteered at Hunua or this race, jump in for the next one…you will enjoy it, promise.


Jon, Sharon, Helen, Mark and Damian