Timber Trail 100

 21 March starting at 7am from Pureoranewzealand3_2878305c

This will be timed ride to Ongarue and back on the same trail with mass start. Total 100 miles (160km) and estimated 3500 vertical metres. If successful, we will run it as an event next year. Trail info thetimbertrail.com

Entries limited to 30 riders! No entry fee, no trophies and no support along the trail, but we will organise food and drinks drop off at Ongarue for you.

You must be confident to complete the ride by 7pm (within 12 hours). Cut off time for Ongarue will be 12:30pm.

To apply, email events@aucklandmtb.co.nz. Please include a summary of your recent endurance race results in the email. We will then confirm if your entry has been accepted.

BBQ and drinks at Pureora on Saturday Evening. $5 for club members $15 for non members

Accommodation is available at DOC Pureora. Tent  sites can not be booked but there is plenty of room for all.  Cabins are almost all booked out. Other options thetimbertrail.com or BookaBatch

Any questions, email Tad at events@aucklandmtb.co.nz.


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