Whitford Forest Club Ride

Whitford is a funny old venue. Tough, raw trails that are fast and dry in summer and fast and sketchy as anything in the winter. It seems that the people that ride there are a minority with many aucklanders heading to the familiar and somewhat gentler trails out at Woodhill and to some extent Riverhead.

I’ve been riding regularly at Whitford over the summer and reckon the trails are quite possibly the toughest and most demanding in Auckland. Not hard to see why the Turquoise Warrior rides so damn well when this is his back yard. So on a wet and wild saturday morning, a dozen or so of us met up and got taken on a guided tour of Whitford’s best by Paul. Paul knows these trails and the wider Hunua Ranges trails pretty well being a local and his guidance was superb.

We entered the forest from Waikopua Rd, took a nice bit of singletrack down to the first cross roads and then the ride proper started. I’m not great with trail names but the order went something like this: Milkrun, Abyss, Grimreaker this is the one where Tad did ballet over the bars , Bullett Train, Onedins, Breadheads (where Tad and bike ended up in the creek and where Paul broke his shifter on a log across the track). Then we finished up on the Charging Pig. It was 25km of tough riding with trips up and down the forest road a few times – a challenge on the singlespeed but all part of the pain, er, fun. Even Kate was smiling and she was slipping and sliding all over the place, braving Whitford after only three months on a mountain bike! Very impressive.

It was a great morning and thanks to Paul for showing us around and well done to those that braved the lashing down rain to have some fun in the mud. A few pictures below….

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