Waharau Ride report

A superb day of riding out on some of the old trails used by the Hunua Hardman. It was a gruelling few hours of riding and despite being short (approx. 25km) it had close to 1000 m of climbing over steep and loose terrain. A great venue for testing those climbing legs and nailing some fun downhills back to the car.

Thanks to Simon for leading the ride and casually informing us that the crest was ‘just around the next corner’ or that ‘there are no more hills from this point….’ Lies, all of them 🙂 Still the BBQ and semi-cold beers afterwards helped to ease the pain.

Simon is also liaising with the DOC ranger for the area to try and open up a more tracks that for reasons unknown are not open to riders. We’ll bring you updates as we get them but for now, please stick to permitted trails.

Before the wet weather really kicks in, you should get over there and experience the under-utilised trails before it gets really wet and muddy.

Here are some pictures from what was a stunning day overlooking the Firth of Thames. See you at Whitford on 15th May.

Taking a break from all that climbing

And this was taken on the first time up the hill....

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