Aidan’s Ride Report – Te Aroha

Tadeas Mejdr, Stuart Holms and Aidan Potter headed down to meet three of the Te Aroha crew on Sunday morning. Geoff Buysman was leading the ride and decided since we had a small group we could tackle some challenging trails. We set off on the road, but soon hit the tracks on the side of the hill which rises steeply above Te Aroha town. The terrain was tough, including many small stream crossings and some steep climbs. The harsh riding conditions saw two of the party suffer from snake bite punctures and also one broken chain on a steep climb.
The rain held off for most of the ride, but hammered down at the end. It didn’t matter though because we were already wet and muddy from the trail.
The only disappointing part of the day was after the ride when we found that the hotpools were closed due to electrical storms. We had to make do with a post ride coffee and cake before heading back to Auckland.

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