Harvesting has begin at Woodhill Bikepaks

More logging happening at Woodhill. In 18 months time all the old trails (some of which the club had a hand in building, back in the day) will be gone. Sad to see old favourites go, but a fact of life in a private forest, and why we continue to work with and advocate to council for tracks on public land (e.g. Hunua, Waitawa, Arch Hill etc.)


Pine Tree Harvesting has begun in areas that we have our “Old Trail” Network.

Trail and Road closures will apply. (mostly Midweek)

Whilst the timing of this felling has come slightly sooner than expected, it was inevitable and we have no control over it. We will
do our very best to ensure rider enjoyment is extended as long as possible.

Due to the schedule details that are provided to us being changeable, even at short notice, we have no way of publishing an exact plan with a concrete plan of attack. We are at the mercy of the Forestry Company.

Exact changes and updates will be available from Supervising staff on site. Due to the short notice we are given, we encourage riders to check before entering each time they ride to get the latest details. Major announcements will be posted on Facebook and the Website.

Some closures will start immediately, with mostly smaller areas in the “old network” closed during the week. Those that are deemed safe to ride will reopen for the weekends. We will have substantial signage in place and riders are asked to obey signage at all times. We have changed and improved our 3 main loops (Green Short Length / Blue Medium Length / Black Long) for riders wishing to familiarise themselves with the new trail network.

In addition to the trail closures, in approximately 3-4 weeks, ALL roads within our boundary previously deemed ride-able will be closed for riders during weekdays.

We have implemented authorised road crossing points and have built new linking trails to keep riders off the road, except whilst using these road crossings. Please bear in mind Forestry Industry is very high risk. We are lucky we are allowed access at all while they are working and will lose this right if riders don’t comply.

There will be no trace of our trails after the harvesting is completed in approximately 18 months time and we don’t intend to rebuild in those blocks in the immediate future. As published in the recent past, we have secured a new area and continue to build full-time in those blocks. We have increased the trail network by well over 20km already and are constantly adding to that.

The new trail network is only part of a whole new Bike Park we are building for Auckland and we appreciate your understanding as we go through transitional phase.

For all enquiries please direct to haydz@bikeparks.co.nz

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