Hot and sweaty in Whangarei…

We had 8 club members and 8 locals from Whangarei MTB club cruised a hot 55km ride on Saturday from Parua Bay.
Ford speedway into old coach rd trailThere was a great mix of trails from gravel, single track, and old school, overgrown trails. The day was hot and sticky but the river crossing cooled us all down (especially Simon 😉

ford crossing

We finished up on top of a hill over looking Whangarei Heads for a BBQ and beers, then a play on some mint, private trails!

views at the end - wharangarei heads

Some were brave enough to give the giant (over the fence) see-saw a go…!

spotting over the massive seesaw!Only a few hard-core Aucklanders were left for the sunday 1/2 day ride. It started nice and cool in the morning mist…over the western hillsFollowed by a tiki tour around some classic trails in the local MTB park. This is local John disappearing into White Tail.  White Tail track @ mtb parkThen a bit more of a mission to find the Mad Cow trail…Mad Cow trackThanks so much to the boys from the Whangarei MTB Club for sharing their fav places with us and their awesome hospitality. At the end of each trail we were offered cold drinks, shady trees, food and coffee and a hose or a pool to cool us off. We’ll definitely be back!



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