Hard Labour on Labour Weekend @ Arch Hill

The boys have been busy at Arch Hill, huge thanks to all that helped out on the day, make sure you check out the trails. Want to lend a hand? Next working bee 16th Nov.

To commemorate the struggle for an 8 hour working day a keen group of mountain bikers selflessly broke their backs to improve the leisure time for others. One hapless rider, Ian Williamson, accidentally bumped into our working bee and was so overcome with guilt he laid down his bike for a shovel and wheelbarrow.

Role of Honour; Logan Callesen, John Callesen, Xavier Price, Jon Hasler, Gordon Stillwell,   Lane Whittaker, Mark Wilson, Ian Williamson, Peter Stoneham.

Ian Wiliamson on wheelbarrow duty

Arch Hill 1

Some stragglers; John Callesen, Xavier Price, Jon Hasler and Logan Callesen

Arch Hill 2

Although a great effort was made by so few there is still some rock left for those who would like to join us on the next working bee which has been tentatively set for Saturday 16 November. We hope to see you there!

Arch Hill 3

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