Royal Albany Dig This Sunday

Glenn finds his flow at Royal AlbanyThe good people behind the Royal Albany trails need your help this Sunday:

To all those who have ever thought “yeah, one day I should go and lend a hand to help those guys who do such a good job building and maintaining the trails that I enjoy so much…..” NOW IS THE TIME THAT WE REALLY DO NEED YOUR CONTRIBUTION.

We have lots of newly opened and available-to-soon-open trail sections (thanks to Andrew’s usual irrepressible enthusiasm) that are crying out for a serious “hit” to get in good riding trim, BUT….
This morning we have taken delivery of a truck load of crushed concrete to line the bits of trail that get boggy in winter. This material is best spread now as it will tend to harden and be more difficult to shift if left in a stockpile till winter.

The more wheelbarrows and shovels we can have on hand this Sunday the better.

If all you can offer is arms, legs and sweat we’ll take that and put it to good use with our tools & equipment.

If you can’t come for the full session or want to start earlier or later, please say so and arrangements will be made to capture whatever input you can provide – large or small.

And most importantly of all – many thanks to the generosity of Les from Timco Construction who via this donation has earned our eternal gratitude and a free advert on our soon-to-launched web site.

So – don’t forget to book that leave pass for this Sunday. You will never have a better opportunity to restore your stocks of trail karma.

Meet at the gate at the top of Bush Rd at 9:00am, ready for an hour of riding, or at the cell phone tower at 10:00am to get straight into digging.

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