Arch Hill Spring Maintenance Round 2

We had a superb turnout of volunteers (nineteen!) at the second of our ‘spring maintenance’ Arch Hill Working Bees – some coming from as far as Tutakaka and Germany!!

John Park and his son Luka came down from Tutakaka and gave us a full day’s hard labour before going off to the Cold Play Concert for Luca’s birthday. Many of the stand out photos were taken by Axel Busch who has just arrived from Germany and was looking for local trails to ride. Local mountain biker Richard Buttler just happened upon our working bee, immediately put down his bike and helped us for the rest of the day which for most of us was till 5pm.

A large contingent of Auckland Grammar school boys, parents and teachers were also there to ‘give back’ to the trails they ride on and boy did they work hard – not one of them came away without a blister or two to show for it. Their particular expertise was in forming the complex berm geometry to greatly improve the flow of the trails – no doubt they all deserve a Maths credit for this!

Finally when Pete dropped the Compactor back to Kennards Hire (formally McEntee Hire) he mentioned what we had been up to and Brett and Fiona generously offered to lend us the compactor FREE of charge!

Roll of Honour on the day; Jon Hasler, Jake Hasler, Zach Hasler, John Callesen, Logan Callesen, Cosmo Bloor, Jack Fischer, James Anderson, Tyler Morunga, John Park, Luka Radford-Park, Richard Butler, Axel Busch, Clovis Visco, Natasha Visco, Rose Stillwell, Simon Yates, Hayden Russell, Peter Stoneham

Special thanks to; Gregor McNee (Auckland Council), Fiona and Brett (Kennards Hire)

Potential date for next Working Bee – Saturday 15 December (TBC).


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