Single Speed Sundays Round 1 Review

Thanks to Jeremy Smart (AKA Ivgota Longdong) for this write-up:

This year’s series appears to have evolved well and matured a little from last year, numbers have swelled slightly which is encouraging and there seems to be loads of new riders.  Having said that we can always do with fresh blood, so don’t be shy about getting your mum or whoever to destroy a perfectly good bike and enter the second round.

As expected the costume standard was excellent and the judges selected a worthy final three, but ghost chips really deserved the win – congrats.  As for the heaviest bike competition, god only knows how but it ended up being the lightest bike competition which went to Snoozehound.  It was pleasing to see a tasteful dose of nudity and many riders indulging in the “undie lap,” well done and may I suggest more participate in this aspect of the day in future rounds.

The race itself exceeded expectations; the course was a joy of fast flowing trails, littered with loads of exposed roots, linked by some gravel, the designers included several new trails although short, the committed rider could work their own line and explore their limits.  It was a genuine racers course where you were rewarded by going full throttle as often as your lungs and legs would allow the length was a good compromise with only a few riders being lapped out.  Let’s hope for as good a course next time.

I haven’t had time to pour over the results yet but congratulations to those who excelled, be sure you won’t have it as easy next time. I can comment on the open category, it was won by Nick Reeves with a masterful display of tactical riding proving the mind is your biggest asset, he will be one to watch next time and in the Auckland Champs , second went to Mr Longdong, third Tad and looming within striking distance in fourth was Mike May.

I’d like to finish with a few “thank you’s”.  First and foremost our great sponsors, these guys have been very generous, they are partners of the club because they are passionate about MTBing and supply quality product, I encourage everyone to support them where possible.  Thanks also to the marshall crew Edd, Greg, Geoff, Camilla who photographed, who did a stirling job on the course, don’t forget to say thanks to them as you fly past.  Woodhill bikepark; another club partner, provided one of the best venue’s around – you’ve got to love that natural amphitheatre!  And lastly Tim the mc, Belinda and Kylie in the beer tent, race director Tad, Naomi, Alice and Ian in the timing tent, Mike Stevens and family, Mike Mangino, Grant, Hayden (club president), Aiden, Stephen and all the other volunteers.

Please excuse me for missing anything worth mentioning, well done and let’s make round two the best yet.

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