Update from Maraetai – Whitford

Whitford Shuttles

Just received a great update from the Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club. The trail pixies have been busy over the last few months in Maraetai building new trails and maintaining existing ones, plus there is a new XC trail and Jump Track in development.

This is the fastest growing trail network in Auckland, and regular shuttle days/evenings. If your into riding with others there are regular weekend, Wednesday and women’s rides, plus plenty of opportunities to lend a hand building trails…

Speaking of which they will be holding track building day on Anzac Day-Wed 25th April-10am at the Rewa Rd gate-bring some tools and a couple of hours of your time.

For those of you that don’t know about these trails they are on private land, permit required to ride, the club has secured access, annual membership is only $25 for an adult. The new membership year has ticked over, click here to join/find out more info.

If you’re keen to get involved or want to find out more they have their AGM on the 7th of May, 7:30pm, more details to come.

Here is a taster of their trails:


Hunter Flatz – Maraetai Edit on pinkbike.com

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