Totara Park – New Trails in Progress!

Totara Park – South Auckland

There has been a flurry of activity out at Totara Park. If you have ridden there recently you would have noticed the 100’s of survey flags marking out some 2km of new trail.  The guys have been working along with the council around the fencing and tree planting plans, so these new ones will get you to new parts of the park, away from the cows. Yesterday the grass was sprayed, digger is going in soon it’s all go!

Co-ordinated effort from the Friends of Totara Park, Gabb and Hayden from the Club, Vince and his team from the Council, the guys at Cycle City and Bike Barn and so many of the local riders .

More support and feedback is needed, check out the Friends of Totara Park Facebook site for more info. We’ll also have some updates on our website and let you know how/when you can muck in.

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