Hunua Trail Opening – Fred Flinstone

The last working bee of 2011, the team finished off on a high with the opening of a new trail extension on the Farm Loop – “Fred Flinstone”, aptly named as it traverses an old quarry. It’s after the Freaky Styley Downhill, at the far end of the valley, this is the first trail heading back to the carpark.

After some spraying and slashing spring overgrowth and tidying up some drainage, the crew assembled for the grand opening. Flanked by Ranger Scotty and Business Man Krusty and the trail crew, Club Prez Hayden cut the inner tube to declare the track open.

Thanks to Auckland Council (especially Ranger Scotty), for allowing us the opportunity to lend a hand in the trail development at Hunua, Kris at Bigfoot for getting the school groups to muck in, and  of course all the volunteers that chipped in, these trails wouldn’t be there without your help.

Check out the Working Bees page to find out when the next bee is on near you.

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