Sanders Reserve opening and Club Xmas ride

Last Sunday a few of us headed out to Paremoremo for the grand opening of Sanders Reserve. The Reserve was designed to be a multi-use recreational area that caters for horse riders, dog walkers and of course, us mountain bikers. It has about 20km of trails, the horse riding area is separate (although the hoof prints suggest that some unofficial sharing is going on) and a there is a superb building that has hot showers in it…something we found useful today!!

We have to be honest, the verdict on the trails is not overly positive. They are going to need some tweaking and a winter of riding might help but there are some iffy corners and lots of loose metal. If you head out there, especially if you take a significant other to help introduce to trail riding, then don’t go too crazy: the loose surface, fast flat and tight corners and deep metal in places might just grab you and pull you off your bike.

Having said that, the trails are there, they are fun and are great fun on the singlespeed. I have no doubt that they will need some working bee efforts over the winter once we can get in there with a plate compactor and they can only get better.

Here are photos from the opening weekend….

So today we headed out there for the Club Xmas ride and BBQ. The weather was not quite so kind but a merry bunch of 20-odd riders hit the trails and enjoyed some warm food and typical banter afterwards. Thanks to Edd for organising the ride and all his efforts this year with the fortnightly rides. Catch ya.

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