MTBNZ affiliation

We get asked quite frequently – why be affiliated to MTBNZ? It is a good question and we really see it as the club giving something back to MTBNZ which in turn works on creating a community feel and representation of MTBing in NZ and overseas to some extent.

Our affiliation fees are now due and the accompanying email had a brief outline of the benefits which I thought would be worth sharing. It is brief but it gives you a feel for it….

1. Strategic representation. Club affiliation allows participation in the national strategic planning process for mountain biking in New Zealand. This strategic plan then defines the scope and priorities for MTBNZ and is delivered in partnership with BikeNZ. This process is a vital part of providing leadership to BikeNZ about a vision for mountain biking in New Zealand.

2. Access to regular planning and development information. Both MTBNZ and BikeNZ provide regular information about mountain biking related events and issues that build local knowledge and capability.

3. National database for lobbying activities. Leveraging the combined membership of affiliated clubs to lobby for the impact of mountain biking in New Zealand is an important part of demonstrating the value of our activity to New Zealand.

4. Access to National Race and Technical licences. Members of MTBNZ level 1 affiliated clubs may apply to BikeNZ for a UCI racing licence enabling them to gain points while racing in the New Zealand MTB National Series or win a title in the New Zealand National Championships. International race licences allow our outstanding athletes with racing opportunities overseas. Technical licences are used to identify and develop stronger communities of people involved either in coaching or race adjudication.

5. Access to Public Liability Insurance. Level 1 affiliation by mountain bike clubs to MTBNZ, and MTBNZ’s membership of BikeNZ, brings clubs in under the BikeNZ Public Liability insurance policy. The cover negotiated for Public Liability insurance is $5 million PL and $1 million Forest Fire extension at no cost (other than the affiliation fee) for all club sanctioned events (Sanctioned event: as of 30 June 2008, a sanctioned event is any event run directly by a club (race, trail build, fun ride). The sanctioning requirements are under review and may be subject to change in 2011.). Clubs are provided with an affiliation letter and copy of the insurance certificate to assist them in gaining access to lands and/or for funding applications.

MTBNZ should be seen as a resource for clubs to help them to grow and deliver to their members and the wider mtbing community.

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