Club Xmas Event – 4th December

Somehow, and I’m really not sure how, Christmas has crept up and jumped out at me! I can’t believe it is only a matter of weeks away, the summer weather is kicking in and the cycling tan lines are forming.

There are a few events on this weekend but if you’re free between 2 and 5pm on Saturday (which is more likely wih the postponement of the Waihi Rock Drop which looks insane) then come along to Woodhill for our Christmas ride and BBQ. Everyone is welcome ($10 for non-members to cover beer/drinks and food) and we’ll head out on a social ride and poker run then get back for a BBQ, a few drinks and round off the year. It has been a crazy year for the club, on the verge of folding with a severe shortage of helpers to a burgeoning committee full of energy and enthusiasm. Something worth celebrating I reckon.

We’ll reveal a bit more about the 2011 membership details too on the day. See you there – look for the club flags.

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