2010 R&R Sport – Auckland MTB Club XC Series wrap up

2010 series certificate and trophy winners

Sunday saw the final round of our race series at the superb venue that is the Hunua Ranges. Yeah it is a bit of a trek to get there, but from an even organisers perspective it is a superb venue, great village area, easy parking and plenty of access to the trails via 4×4 tracks if there is an emergency. The racing was close, the course was praised and we got prize giving for the race and series off without a hitch…..well almost.

First off I have a few apologies to make: To Chris Kaad, Martyn Pearce and Jack Hooper. I made a bit of a slip up figuring out series placings and awarded third overall in the Expert 50+ cat to Chris. He received a trophy courtesy of Geoff Buysman (thanks Geoff) and we gave him a certificate. Unfortunately, he actually came fourth overall and he has been really understanding and accepted my cock-up in a very good natured way. My apologies to Martyn Pearce for not allowing him to receive due recognition on the day and the same to Jack Hooper who actually came second overall in the U15 men and I missed him out too. He got his certificate, but is not in the photo above.

Other than that is was a superb series that I could not have pulled together on my own. A huge thank you to all of the volunteers that stepped up and offered help with different things. From ex-committee members, generous land-owners, club members and non-members and even non-cyclists who turned up to help. Offering help is one thing, but turning up at 8am on a Sunday morning and actually giving help is quite different and we are extremely grateful.

Thanks also to our sponsors, we have a long-established relationship with R&R Sport and I’m pleased they wanted to continue for 2010, despite the uncertainty in the economy and knock-on effect that is having on race attendance in general. We also had NZ Mountain Biker mag on board again, Jungle Coffee and Horleys each adding to the prize pool at each round. In addition, we have to thank our per-round sponsors. We attracted some new sponsors to the club and hopefully we can nuture these new relationships as the club continues to grow. Thanks to Bikeparks (Round 1), Groundeffect (Round 2), Cyclexpress (Round 3) and Wallis Cycles (Round 4).

A huge well done to everyone that took part in the series, particularly those of you that raced consistently and managed to do 3 or 4 of the rounds. It made for some great racing over some of the toughest XC courses we could put together in Auckland. We really hope you enjoyed it. Next year we’ll be back and hopefully bigger than ever. We have a new race organiser that is totally committed and motivated to make it HUGE! His name is Tim Farmer and if you don’t know who he is yet, you soon will. He is also putting a one-off event together in the Hunua Ranges for April next year and that promises to be superb. More details to come soon.

In particular, well done to our new Auckland Champions:

Mike May – Auckland Singlespeed Champion
Matt Treanor – Auckland Senior Champion
Tom Fox – Auckland Junior Champion

There were some interesing category choices this year with some people entering two or three different categories over the series. Maybe next year try and focus in on a category and go for it. Also, we’ll be putting a little survey together for those of you that took part this year and a short survey for those that have raced previously but NOT this year. We’re trying to get some feedback on how to make the series even better and your input will be most welcome when we get the survey together.

Thats it from me. Thanks once again to all the helpers and all the racers and spread the word about how great the events are 😉 Some more entrants will make the events much more viable. To see more pictures, check out our Facebook page.

Final series standings are atached below.



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