Club Survey – feedback please

Evening all,

So the AGM was great, lots of new faces around the committee table and lots of energy and enthusiasm that we want to use as effectively as possible. The Auckland MTB Club is an old club, with lots of facets and we do many things because we always have done. We enjoy doing most of it and it makes this club what it is.

However, it is impossible to ignore the fact that of the 1100 that receive the newsletter, of the many thousand that visit the website and the thousands that head up to woodhill each week, there are only about 200 club members. To me that suggests we could be doing something a little different.

After a discussion at our last meeting, Tim with input from others has put together a survey and we’d like you to fill it in. Of course, no-one likes filling in surveys so we’ve got a gift pack full of goodies worth $200 from the guys at Nitelights to give away to one of you. We’ll pull names out of a hat in a few weeks time.

The survey can be found here.

Thanks for you time and feedback.

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