Woodhill 1 Singlespeed Champs

Another great event from the Bikeparks crew saw Haydz, Mark, Jamie (with help from some enthusiastic volunteers) host a superb event on Saturday afternoon. Entries were initially slow to trickle in but once the word was out 69 singlespeeders turned up for what would be a great tune-up race for the SSWC next month.

Here's a brief report and some piccies from yours truly……

My Woodhill 1 Champs started weeks before; the Auckland MTB Club hosted the online regos for this race on our Event Director system and this was set up and made live. On the Thursday night before the race we wrote an entirely new race set-up for the timing software and trialled it on a pretend race and it seemed fine. Friday night before the race we we downloaded the entries, uploaded them and got everything sorted for rego. All seemed fine, we were good to go. Saturday came around and the club flags were fluttering in the breeze as riders drifted in to register and the atmosphere around the event village began to buzz. Volunteers stepped forward and the beer stations got stocked up. Almost race time……

After a quick race timing lesson to some volunteers we lined up on the start-line holding front wheels, ready for a Le-Mans style start. The hooter went off and we were racing. A flying start from club rider and committee member Hayden Russell and he was off around the start loop quiker than you could say “was that a suit jacket he was wearing??” I got a good start, up in the top 10 or so as a couple of the stronger riders began to move to the front, including another club member and committee member Jeremy Smart, 2nd overall in the singlespeed club champs, sprinted past me and headed towards the front. The lap was superb, one of the best I’ve raced on at Woodhill. It seemed like the first 3 kms or so were climbing, heading out of the lower car park, up the road, hooking into the trails just as you thought the hills might relent, only to keep on pushing until we ground up towards the old car park and the first drink station. The lap continued up towards the water tower and then began to snake its way back to the lower car park, hooking into trails, making new short-cuts and joining up short sections to create a totally unique experience in somewhere that you assumed you new really well.

My favourite section was the downhill back into the lower car park. Typically this has been used as the climb out of the car park in other races and it was great to hit this at speed downhill. Smooth, flowy and fast, it was a great way to end the lap before heading over the start line and doing it again. And then again.

It seemed that three laps of the 11km course was proving a real challenge for some of the long-course riders and in the end, 15 of them were lapped out and re-classed as short course riders. For the top riders though, it was made to look easy.

Preliminary results attached below.

Club members did well too……

Aidan Potter (member and committee member) 15th long course
Andrew Burt 17th short course
Brent Neighbour 19th long course
Hayden Russell (member and committee member) 13th long course
James Service (member and former committee member) 17th long course
Jeremy Smart (member and committee member) 5th long course
John Schouten DNF
Marke J-T (Mr President) 14th long course
Steven Delamore 5th short course
Tadeas Mejdr 10th long course

Here are some piccies…..

A superb day of racing, beers, and comaraderie amongst singlespeeders. Looking forward to more of the same on a huge scale in a few weeks time! Don’t forget that we have a singlespeed category in our race series too!

<a href='https://aucklandmtb.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/prelim_results_woodhill_1.pdf'>Prelim_results_Woodhill_1

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