2010 R&R Sport – Auckland MTB Club XC Champs – prelim results

I know you’re watching the website ’cause I can see the visitor counter tick over so here is what your looking for. I sorted the issues i was having with the software while you lot were collecting the spot prizes and I think everything is now correct. Plase check it out though and let me know if there are any issues.

Thanks to everyone that turned up to race today – i think the conditions were a surprise to many and it seems that Woodhill can really do slippery and muddy. The smiles and many ‘great course’ comments at the end showed you enjoyed it so a big thanks to Mark Topliss and Haydz at Bikeparks for helping to lay the course out and the volunteers the day before for helping to mark it.

A very big thank you to all of our volunteers that have been involved with this race series and to the marshalls that volunteered on the day. Many (in fact, most) were new to the race series and the club and I can’t thank you all enough. I won’t name each of you as I’d inevitably leave someone out but you know who you are and I’m really grateful.

Finaly, a huge thanks to our sponsors today. R&R Sport for supplying a mechanic and some top spotties as well as Jungle, NZ MTBer magazine and Horleys and Bikeparks sponsoring this round and throwing in hundreds of $$ of goodies. Awesome.

Round 2 is Slater Rd on the 19th Sept; the weekend after the day nighter. Slater Road is a stunning private venue with some pristine trails and the race is a good chance to ride somewhere new. However, we need to get in there and mark the course and groom the trails and Rob has asked that we send a crew in on Sunday 5th Sept. Please can you drop me an email to let me know if you can make it – it would be great to see some of you racers along to help as this is for you afterall and you’ll also get chance to do some hard laps of the course which you can’t really do when we mark the course the day before. Please drop me an email if you can make it.

If anyone wants to write up a brief race report and fire it over to me I’d happily post it up on the website.

Thanks again and the results are here…..



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