FREE BEER! (at the AGM 17th August 2010) – updated post

Hi folks,

In readiness for the club AGM on 17th August I have prepared a ‘State of the Nation’ paper (updated slightly from the one posted on Sunday) to detail how the club operates and what we need to survive. The reality is that unless we get some more people prepared to step onto the committee to help out, the future viability of the club is in question. Yes we are having a discussion and vote on a whether to pursue a merging with another club (see below) but the reality is that we still need a sufficient number of people around the table to get things done, irrespective of whether we merge or not.

So, a number of things are attached:

1. the ‘State of the Nation’ paper
2. a 2010 nomination form for those looking to make their involvement a little more formal
3. The Agenda
4. SGM notice of constitutional changes to come shortly
5. Current Auckland Mtb Club constitution

As mentioned above, the idea of merging (in some way, shape or form) has been floated within the committee for a short while but given the workload of those involved, we were not really sure how to deal with it, preferring instead to focus on the AGM and attracting new mmbers onto the committee. However, the reality is that a merger is something that needs to be discussed with members and thats what we will do on Tuesday. We have placed in the agenda a 45 minute slot for discussing the future direction of the club at the end of which a vote shall be taken on whether it is appropriate to pursue. If it is, we shall move that the incoming committee puts the nuts and bolts of a merger together and presents it back to members at an SGM at a later date. If you wish to vote on this, make sure you some along on Tuesday.

We are meeting at The Drake, on Drake St near Victoria Park. Map link here

Meeting start time is 7 pm with food and an open bar from 6.30.
After the SGM there will be more food and drink available briefly before we get into the AGM.
Hopefully we’ll be wrapped up by 9.30 or so.

This year, the AGM will be vitally important to the future of the club. Please come along and show your support.





Current AMC constitution


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