N-Duro Round 2 race report from near the front…

Geoff Buysman (fast older dude that you may not know but have probably been overtaken by) has sent us in his race report from Sunday, July 11.
And also a report from Sadie on the Jafakids…

What a fantastic day weather wise with temperatures in the -s on the way down. Was a bit difficult to warm up prior to the start at 10am. Once again a big turn out for all classes and once we started there was the usual clogging on the track. I had a good start wanting to get ahead of some of the single speed riders but had a couple of wrong turns and bracken in the cluster to slow me down. Knuckle down and get on with it, catch up time. Pasted Adriano twice, he was amazed. Good course with the big climb up direct road and up to Billy-T. Down there and then up to race down split-ends and so on. It was up there where I caught up with Martyn [Pearce] and we had a good fast chase down these trails me trying several times to get past. He’s a big boy and didn’t relent even after several wheel to wheel gestures. Let me pass – No you’re not passing me. Good racing and enjoyable. I eventually got passed on one of the steep climbs in the chinese trails and put on the gas to pull away. Time to head home but still some hard riding and with a 7 second lead over second quite a close win. So a great day for all who took part with no bad stories to tell.

Cold and frosty compared with wet and muddy on the last. See you at the next one, after all what else can I buy with my voucher. Cheers.

And this report from Sadie…

Super weekend of riding in Rotorua with the Xc Race gang. Frost each morning and temps of -4 over night. Yikes. Ice on the trail at mid day which was a bit of a novelty for us Aucklanders.

The N-Duro race went well with great results by all that raced, JAFAKIDS and coaches.

40km Race

Tom Fox 5th Junior

Harley Going 8th Junior

Coach Martyn 3rd Old Fullas

ETQ Elliot Pearce 10th Junior

Kurt Standen 1st Sprocket

Sadie P 1st old Fulless

Sasha Piki Smith 2nd Junior

Coach Ross 16th Old Fullas

Charlotte Delamore 1st Sprocket

20km Race

Guy Hirst 8th Sprocket

Ride of the day will have to go to Kurt Standen after spending 2 days throwing up and a nasty cold to come back and compete let alone win his category and whupp his coach is a fine effort.

Big Ups to Charlotte for also winning the 40km category…big race.

Tom Fox 5th in his category but 11th overall…how fast are these juniors getting. Scares me!

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