N-Duro Winter Series Race 1 – UPDATED WITH PHOTOS

Well what a difference a week makes. After a group of us hit the course the week before over queen’s birthday in dry, fast conditions, a few days of rain and a few hundred riders turned the course into a slippery mud-fest with people coming off their bikes left right and centre – just ask Adriano!!

Full results from Race 1 of the 2010 N-Duro Winter Series are online. Auckland MTB and Jafakids members had the following results (drop me an email if we’ve missed you out):

20km Race
Charlotte Clouston 1st Junior Female.
Rona Simanu 4th Single Speed Men
Paul Burgess 5th Single Speed Men.
David Scollay 4th Classics Male.
Pete Clouston 17th Veteran Male.
Mike Stevens 13th Open Male.

40km Race
Bena Simanu 1st Male Sprockets; Sam Dakin 3rd Male Sprockets.
Charlotte Delamore 1st Female Sprockets.
Nick Miller 3rd Junior Men; Tom Fox 4th Junior Men; Harley Going 5th Junior Men. Ian Burgess had mechanical problems and had to pull out.
Sasha Smith 2nd Junior Women.
Marke Jennings-Temple  14th Single Speed Men.
Brendan Doherty 15th Open Men.
Martyn Pearce 5th Veteran Men.
Andy Fox 13th Veteran Men.
Jared Scollay 4th Male Masters.
Geoff Buysman 2nd Veteran Men.
Adriano Perazzini 8th Veteran Men.
Nicky Adair 8th Open Female.
Sue McOnie 4th Veteran Female.

Here are some pictures of the start and finish taken by Paula. Click on the picture to get the full size version. They are a big file so you can print them and hang them on your fridge :-):

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