Hamlins Hill Open Day report

On 28th March the ARC held an oen day at Hamlins Hill as part of their ‘Love Your Parks’ events series. With support from Event Finder, More FM and the Auckland MTB Club, the ARC introduced riders to the area and were able to showcase the concept plan they have in mind for the largest non-volcanic hill in Auckland.

It was a pretty casual day with a steady stream of riders coming through, cycling around the temporary route marked out by the ARC and enjoying the amazing views. Currently the intention is to make the area a recreational cycling venue but the Club has indicated the potential for the mixed terrain and large area (56 ha) to be a proper MTB venue in the heart of the city. I’m not sure how sucessful we’ll be given the complex relationship between the different landowners but we’ll keep pushing.

Thanks to all the riders that turned up; even if it is not true MTBing, we need to show support for what the ARC is trying to achieve and it all feeds the positive perception of MTBing and MTBers in Auckland.

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