Colville 2010 Results

The 2010 Colville Connection was raced on Saturday, March 12. Loads of Jafakids podiums and loads of coaches out there mixing it up too.

1st Nat Retief Junior Women 40km

1st Ian Burgess Junior Men 40km

3rd Kurt Standen Junior Men 40km

4th Reuben Horn Junior Men 40km

10th Josh Brunton Junior Men 40km

2nd Adrian Retief Open Men 40km (Once a JAFAKIDS always a JAFAKIDS).

2nd Adrienne (Chip) Hooper Open Women

4th J Fox 24km

Coach Martyn, Ross, Jared, Neil, Andy and Richard all making waves in the old boys  and not as old boys categories in the 72km, 40 and 24.

Full results at

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