Happy New Year! 1st newsletter of 2010, lots to talk about….

Happy New Year to you all. I hope you each had a great festive season and managed to get in plenty of riding wherever you ended up. We hit the trails in Tauranga, Rotorua, Christchurch, Alexandra and Naseby and had a great time and caught up with some club members on the way. Thanks for waiting for me 🙂 by the way, maybe this year I’ll be able to get back into decent shape, we’ll see. 2009 finished on a high note with some cracking events rounding out the year and there is already a lot on the horizon for 2010. Here is a smattering of stuff that I thought you might be interested in.

XC National Cups and National Champs

The XC and DH Cup series’ kicked off in Chch at the weekend over a challenging course that saw only the strongest come out on top. Cyclingnews.com has been providing race reports and commentary on both events socheck out their website for full XC and DH results. Well done to Auckland Champ Oliver Whalley on his fifth place in Round 1 in the Elite men and Adrienne Hooper in 8th place, 14 minutes behind the winner in her first full season in Elite women. Good work.

Fancy giving it a go? Enter online here.

N-Duro Bike Vegas Summer Cup

Round 1 kicked off in Vegas on Sunday 10th Jan with record numbers and blistering times on the fast, dry trails. Full report is here and Round 2 is on Sunday 24th Jan and Round 3 is on Sunday 14 Feb.

Singlespeed World Champs – Rotorua 2010, October 23

The Singlespeed World Champs are coming to New Zealand this year and the event is open to anyone, well anyone with a bike with only one gear. I’m even tempted to enter and see if the retro Kona can handle a bit of pressure in her old age. For all info you may need on the event, check out the website. It looks like there’ll be a week of cycling festivities leading up to the main event so book your accomodation early!

ARC Draft Regional Parks Management Plan

You may remember my request just before Christmas for help with an ARC submission and Simon Yates (club member, racer, trail builder and all round good bloke) of Simon Yates Planning stepped up to the plate and crafted a great submission for us and the best I’ve seen from the club in my time with the club. Yours truly helped a bit and Pete Stoneham threw a few ideas into the pot but huge thanks to Simon. We’re looking to present to the panel in March. Still wondering why you should join the club? Its a numbers game and the more riders we represent in the Auckland Region the louder and stronger our voice and the more seriously we’re taken.

Club changes

2010 will see a few changes to the diretion and focus of the club. Some of the old guard have moved on and the club is undergoing a strategic review to nut out what our core functions should be. We’re not doing this without your input and we’ll be posting up an online survey soon for you to feed back ideas. The more passionate about something you are, the more you need to be in a position to do something about it and there is always space around the table for those of you that have a burning itch that needs scratching. If you want to give something back to MTBing in the Auckland Region for 2010 get in touch with me and let’s make some real progress. This is your club and we aim to represent the interests of riders in the region as much as humanly possible in a volunteer capacity. Have something to say about it? fill in the survey when it comes out or email me comments (marke@aucklandmtb.co.nz). Thanks.

Hunua Ranges possum control

Had a message from the ARC re Hunua, its a bit long but it’s important so here it is:

“We wish to advise that from December 2009 there will be a possum control operation underway in the north western area of the Hunua Ranges Regional Park.
The attached map shows the area of operation [see link at the bottom of this section – Marke].
It is anticipated that the control operation will run from 7th December through until February 2009, after which there will be a withholding period in which the signage will remain to indicate bait having been laid in this area.
The control methods used will include:
Potassium cyanide in the form of a pea-sized pellet encapsulated in a block of non-toxic pre-feed (Feratox pellets).
Broadificoum, in the form of pellets, to be placed in bait stations.
Timms and Victor leg hold traps.
Warning signs will be posted to alert people to the presence of these pesticides in publicly accessible areas.  Contact with bait is harmful to humans and dogs; Please keep to the tracks and keep dogs out of the operational area.
Contractors will have fact sheets available on the various control methods being used. These will be available on request from the contact person referred to in this letter.
Tracks will remain open but you are urged to familiarise yourself with the operational area and warning signs at park entrances and to keep dogs out of the operational area.
The following roads and tracks are within or border the control area:
·         Moumoukai Hill Rd
·         Plows Road
·         Mine Rd
·         Mine Rd Track
·         Upper Mangatawhiri Track
·         Ernies Track
·         Waterline Rd
·         Wairoa Hill Rd
·         Challenge Track
·         Wairoa-Cossey Track
·         Cossey Access Rd/Massey Rd
·         All forestry roads (access by permit only)
We would also like to flag our intention to carry out goat control operations in 2010 the first taking place in May. This will involve park closures. We will forward details of areas and dates closer to the time”.


Finally…call for help

As you know, we run an away rides schedule each month and figured that there must be those of you out there that know Whitford real well, or know some trails out the back of Hunua or know some cool stuff out in the Coromandel….Away rides don’t have to be far away but if you know of a great ride and keen to share it with some club members please get in touch with me. We’re putting the 2010 schedule together and keen for some fresh input. Thanks.

That’s it from me tonight. The 2010 event calendar is already full with a number of clashes that will make you have to chose one great event over another. I guess we should be pleased at the extent of choice, just a pity one event is going to lose out. Talking of future events, the guys at Franklin MTB Club have been building their trails and are keen to host an event out there later in the Autumn. We’ll help out and bring you more news as we get organised. Enjoy the sunshine, don’t forget the suncreen and get involved in the strategic review of this club, we are representing you after all.

Cheers, Marke.

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