2009 R&R Sport – Auckland MTB Club Spring Races Rnd 2

What a superb day! After hours and hours of hard work by Rob, Stephen and some dedicated helpers, the private playground at Slater Round hosted an excellent race that would have been perfect as a final (as it was originally intended).

The racing in all categories was fast and furious with the reduced number of laps being offset by the unrelenting course that offered few places to recover and take on board fuel. Most riders managed the full race distance but today the winners in each category really were the strongest.

The weather was also a bit of a challenge – cool temperatures, light rain and mist and a strong wind in places although much of the course was sheltered in the trees. The spectators did well to hang around in the cold for 2 1/2 hours!

Preliminary results are available at the link below and there are some changes still required as I have not got all the DNFs in there. Check through the results and let me know if there are any issues. Particularly well done to Brad Tilby (Expert Open men winner), Raewyn Morrison (Expert Open female winner) and Mike May (Singlespeed winner).

Huge thanks to all the volunteers on the day, particularly the first timers on rego and race timing  and to our series sponsors for the spotties and RnR for the technical support as well. Thanks too to the JAFAKIDS for their intended ride up there this Wednesday to help with course clearing.

I’d also like to add that it was great to see very little litter on the trail (other than lost water bottles!) and riders taking their empty gel sachets back home. Thanks.

Finally, a big thanks to Rob and Marquita for letting us use their property; it’s a course that challenges everyone and I hope we can come back next year too.


We’re working on the series points and those will be posted soon and we have loads of pictures from Richard Hooper and we’ll get them loaded up to our Flickr account asap as well.

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