Race 1 details

Welcome to Round 1 of the 2009 R&R Sport – Auckland MTB Club XC Spring Race Series

Hopefully this post will answer all quesitons you may have on the race, but if not, please feel free to email me here if you have any further questions

Bio Hazard Alert

As in 2008,  the good folk at Auckland Regional Council Parks (who kindly let us use Hunua) have asked us to do our bit in stopping the spread of Kauri Collar Rot which has spread in the Waitakeres. They request that:

All entrants please clean/sterilise all tyres and footwear, particularly if any participants have been in the Waitakere Ranges. The Auckland MTB club will be doing our bit and anyone turning up with a dirty bike will not be permitted to race!

At this stage, it appears that the Hunuas are PTA free, therefore the ARC are implementing a range of control measures to manage the threats.On the day of the race, we believe the ARC will have mats present on site where all participants will be asked to wheel their bicycles over, and step on. The chemical in the mats neutralises the disease (similar to when you go through customs and have boots sterilised).

As a responsible land-user who relies on the generosity, collaboration and support of the ARC to run our events, the Auckland MTB Club encourages everyone to take this seriously.


This bit is pretty important I guess. We have set up directions on the Google maps thingy and you can link to it here. We will put signs out for you to follow once you are off the motoway. If coming up from the south, get off at the Papakura exit and go RIGHT. If heading south, get off at the Papkura exit and go LEFT. For the rest, check out the Google maps page we have set up and/or follow the signs.


Enter on the day if you have not pre-entered. Online entries close at midnight on Friday 9th October.

Gates open 8.30, Registration 9-10.30 am, Race briefing 10.45, Race start 11am. We’re going to set Rec riders off at 10.30 so please arrive and register early.

Course Details

We have set up a blinder for you! Even those who have ridden here a bit before may be surprised. We have some new linking sections and are using some sections backwards.  We have made a unique variation on previous events by combining new track to create an awesome 8.5km loop.

Lap details

A popular question at sign-on and one we have organised before the race this time! As a guide  you should anticipate the following but weather and ground conditions may cause us to shorten the race on the day:









Junior Male 2 3 4
Female 2 3 4
Sport Male 4 4
Female 3 3
Expert Male 5 4 4 4 4
Female 4 3 4

See you there!

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