New Website

Welcome our new website.  It’s easier for us to update the content and also allows you to comment on information that we post.

Unfortunately in the conversion process, we had technical issues and lost all email sent to

If you sent Marke something important and haven’t heard back from him, please send him another email.

How to comment on a post.

Our new website allows you to leave comments.  Comments allow you to provide feedback and interact with other readers.

Before you can leave a comment, you must be logged in.  Look for the following message and the bottom of the page, and click on ‘logged in’.


If you don’t already have a WordPress account, click on ‘Get a free WordPress account’.


Fill in your details to get an account.  You probably don’t want a blog, so select ‘Just a username, please’.


You’ll be sent an email to confirm your details.  Once you’ve confirmed your details you come back to our website, click on the ‘logged in’ link again.

comments1Enter your username and password.  If you tick the ‘Remember me’ link, you’ll only have to login this one time.

comments4You can now go back to the page you wanted to comment on, enter you comment and press the submit comment button.


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