White Star Intrigue – by Martyn

Elliot and I went off to Colville to participate in the White Star Intrigue for the weekend and I thought that you may be interested in what the course was like and the results.

The 30 km race went into Colville, up a 4wd track, then down through some farm tracks, on to a the main road, then to wood road, some farm tracks and down through Waitete Bay. Then on to the main road, right into some farm tracks at the top of the hill, and back to the White Star Station.

The 60 km race started with a farm track and a river crossing then on to a road for a few km’s, a bit of a hill following the wood road part of the same route as the 30km riders, and then a (480m) massive steep climb to the top of the ridge. We went through some undulating forest 4wd track, then down through a winding 4wd track, coming out at the lookout at the highest point on the road from Coromandel to Kennedy Bay. We had nearly 30 km of metal road through to Waikawau, then on to some farm tracks over the ridge (about 175m). A fantastic downhill into Colville, then 2 or 3 km back to the White Star Station. Fun. Fantastic views, at one point we could see both coasts of the peninsula.

It was a day when magic happened.

ETQ won the 30km race outright

Jeremy Hamer won his category in the 60 km race, and

I won the 40+ category in the 60 km race

Also, you may be interested that…

Thomas Reynolds, who got 4th in the 60 km race

Rob Garden (Macnut Farm) won the 50+ in the 60 km race

Marquita Gelderman (Macnut farm too) won the 40+ women’s category in the 60 km race

Di Michels won the Women’s 50+ 30km despite stopping to help someone fix a chain

We didn’t participate in the day Saturday activities but heard that that they were pretty well organised and a lot of fun.

The race report and provisional results can be found at www.arcevents.co.nz/theintrigue/content/

By Martyn Pearce

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