CrankSistas Women’s Rides

Calling all wives, girlfriends, daughters, sisters, mums and just generally wicked chicks …. have you ever wanted to head out to Woodhill or an Auckland MTB club ride but just don’t have the confidence to head out with the boys…. or you just simply want to meet fellow women mountain bikers to go riding with? CrankSistas is for you!

After receiving some feedback, there have been a couple of changes to our monthly group rides.  The biggest of which is that we will now break into 3 different groups; a long, medium and a short group ride.

To help you decide which group you fit into, here is a breakdown for the groups:

Long ride (15-20kms approx. 2hrs) – good level of fitness, you can comfortably ride for 2hrs or more, can do more technical trails.  The goal of this ride is a good workout and the opportunity to challenge yourself on some of the trails.

Medium ride (10-15kms approx. 1.5-2hrs) – you might be very fit but working on your technical skills, or a skilled rider who is building up fitness.  The goal of this ride is to help you increase your fitness and give you an opportunity to practice your skills.

Short ride (5-10kms approx. 1-1.5hrs) – you might be fit but new to riding, returning to riding after a long break or building up fitness.  You might tend to avoid structures, and/or be unfamiliar with Woodhill trails.  Or you might usually ride in the long/medium group, but be riding with a friend who is newer, or be pressed for time and still want to enjoy CrankSistas company.  The goal of this ride is to ensure that you enjoy your ride!  We’ll make sure you stop before you get too tired, but still get to enjoy sweet single track goodness.

We will also be meeting in a slightly different area of the carpark so that we have more room to meet and mingle before setting off in our different groups. Please keep and eye out for the Auckland MTB Flag to show you where we are meeting.

Email Julia on if you have any questions and to get on the mailing list.

Check out the new CrankSistas Facebook page!

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